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What a mess I made!

Yesterday I posted that I was going to move on to soup recipes – and I will. However this mornings breakfast was so traumatic that I need to vent! Since I’ve been trying to eliminate wheat and sugar from my diet I decided to try to make coconut flour pancakes. Honestly – you can only have eggs for breakfast so many days in a row before you really begin to crave something baked.
Thinking that I would just make a very small batch, I began with 1 cup of coconut flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, a little baking soda, some coconut sugar, cinnamon, 2 eggs, buttermilk, and some melted coconut oil. OMG! The mixture swelled up and looked like I had started with 3 cups of flour. And it was really thick, so I kept adding more buttermilk, and some regular milk, too. Eventually I got it thin enough to spoon onto a greased griddle. It sort of sat there, looking like a blob of cream of rice! No bubbles ever appeared, so I didn’t exactly know when to turn it over. The bottom seemed to be browning quickly, so I lowered the heat, let it cook for a minute more and then turned. Not easy! There was no cohesiveness to the pancake. It was very crumbly. After a couple more minutes I took it off the griddle. With a little syrup, it didn’t taste bad, but it was very dry.
Knowing that no one else in the family would even try tasting these, and considering the texture of the batter in my mixing bowl, muffins seemed like a good alternative. Some more coconut sugar, cinnamon, and some raisins went into the mixing bowl. I greased the pans really well because I had so much trouble turning the pancakes. I filled a 12 muffin pan (and still have batter left!) and put it in the oven at 350 degrees. After about half an hour, the muffins had pulled away from the sides of the pan.
The taste was ok, still had the texture of cream of rice, but dry. I guess I’ll be eating these for days! They are very filling.
Don’t think this is an experiment I’ll be trying again. I think I need to pay attention to the glutenĀ -free recipes I’ve seen. There must be some trick I don’t know about!

Thanks for listening to my experiences. Tomorrow I’ll start with the soup recipes.


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