Oven mitts

I got a sample of an oven mitt when we were at a trade show in Atlanta in January. Been using it ever since – I just love it! It is made from high quality neoprene, which is very flexible and doesn’t conduct heat or get wet. They even have a petite size (which is what I would have bought), but they gave me the regular size and both Eric and I have used it. His hand is about twice the size of mine! Anyway, the glove fits well, and there isn’t a lot of excess material that makes me feel clumsy and always seems to get in the food. You can wash it in the washing machine or the dishwasher. So far it shows no signs of wear. My hand doesn’t get sweaty inside, and the glove doesn’t get wet either – have you ever picked up a hot dish with a wet potholder? Ouch!

These get my highest recommendation!


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