Halloween Musings

Last night was Trick-or-Treat Downtown. I feel so badly that we ran out of candy at 5:30! Every year we buy more and more, thinking we surely will have enough. And most years we make it through to 6PM with a few pieces of candy to spare. But not this year! It might have been the weather, which was beautiful. It might have been because it was a Saturday. Just don’t know, but you can be sure we will have a bigger supply next year.

It’s always so much fun to hand out candy – the costumes are great for kids and adults. Plus everyone says “Thank You”! What a wonderful community we have! I asked Jamie to help hand out candy this year – I think she enjoyed it, too!

I wanted help so I would be able to hand out Open House invitations to customers that I recognized. The email invitations will go out Monday, and I already posted the event on Facebook. If you didn’t get an invitation, please call the store. Or if you know someone who didn’t get one, please invite them or call us so we can extend an invitation. Don’t want anyone to feel slighted or unappreciated!  Especially since we aren’t mailing invites this year.  I will also be calling people this week to make sure they know all the details. Sunday, November 7th from Noon until 4:00PM!


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