Freaky Sunday

The weirdest thing happened yesterday. I heard a big crash in the living room and one of the cats ran by me. Couldn’t see anything that had fallen or broken, so I just ignored it, and went back to reading a magazine. Then Eric went into the living room and said “Mom come quick, you have to see this!” A bird had crashed into the window, broken part of it and was stuck between 2 panes of glass. Wasn’t hurt, but he couldn’t get up high enough in the window to get out. Probably would have cut himself if he had. While Eric put on leather gloves  and pulled out the broken pieces of glass, I looked it up in our bird book. It was a starling. Really very pretty close up – black with white dots on the tips of the feathers. Eric was able to grab the bird after he had removed some glass. It flew away so I guess it wasn’t hurt. Don’t know what we will do about the window – we were going to replace it in the spring.


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